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mallicoat. >> and i'm grace lee. >>> well, first it was police, and now the fire department has taken a big hit in san jose. just as fire season starts to heat up, starting today, there will be fewer fire trucks available to respond to emergencies. one engine from fire station 29 is being taken out of service to save money. the number of firefighters on trucks is being reduced from five to four, and crews are all taking a 10% pay cut. as a result, the department says response times could increase. >>> good news in oakland for some police officers. the city will hire back 22 of the 80 police officers that it laid off last year under a new city budget that was approved last night to close a $58 million shortfall. the mayor cast the deciding vote. the plan includes pay and benefit cuts that city workers have already accepted. >>> work crews are cleaning up a mess in the east bay. east bay m.u.d. says that a water main broke near san pablo dam road in el sobrante around 9:30 this morning. crews were able to cap the 12" line but as you can see, several inches of water still remain. there are als
for not being in compliance and a big change that residents will see in the coming months. no more motorcycles here, no more motorcycle cops in oakland. they will be in community cars making sure they have a presence in the community. you may recall from last week when the budget what approved for oakland that 22 officers will be getting their jobs back and batts plans to put 22 positions, not specifically those officers, 22 positions on summertime when crime rates are higher. >> thank you, kristy seifkin live in oakland. thank you. >>> today authorities are reaching out to witnesses in that deadly bart shooting to review any cell phone video from the scene. three days after the shooting officers are still yet to release the name of the man killed by a bart officer. according to bart, cameras caught a partial view of the shooting at the serving center station. bart says the man was drunk and was acting aggressively carrying a broken bottle and a knife when two officers initially on the scene was carrying a taser but he didn't use it. >>> now a man who swiped a picasso who may have been caught
something like this. >> why she feared for her life after coming forward. >>> and the giants go on a big date with the president. who got out of jury duty for the big day? we will tell you when we coming up. >>> i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. the skies now beginning to part just a bit around the bay area. will the sunshine stick around? we will talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,, ♪ ♪ mm-mmm-mmm-mm-mm-mmm ♪ mm-mmm-mmm-mm-mm-mmm ♪ ♪ mm-mmm-mmm-mm-mm-mmm ♪ mm-mmm-mmm-mm-mm-mmm ♪ [ female announcer ] kraft cheese has more full length shreds in every bag. you'll see the difference. ♪ mm-mmm-mmm-mm >>> well it is monday. we're keeping an eye on wall street today. the stocks have been falling on the new york stock exchange. and other markets, nationwide, worldwide, because of concerns about a potential default by the u.s. government. investors, they don't like the uncertainty. and right now, it is down about 78-plus points. >>> big day for the orange and the black. in about 45 minutes, the reining world champion giants will meet with president oba
. >>> a jack knifed big rig caused major traffic headache ms. the south bay. at one point. three lanes were closed. the accident happened just after 4:30:00 a.m. on southbound highway 101 in sunnyvale on the on ramp. luckily no one was hurt. all lanes reopened at 6:00 this morning. friends and family of missing nursing student michelle lake plans search parties. today, they are having a fundraiser to pay for the search efforts. that is going on as we speak. from now until 10:00 p.m. 20% of the proceeds will go to the le family. >>> an exhibit at the museum includes the story of chauncey bailey. he was in the course of writing a story about trouble at a local bakery when he was gunned down. >>> a new photo of jaycee dugard. we will break down southern california's royal visit coming up. and still to come. the tiny tool that is helping patients that suffer a painful disease, giving them new hope and blue skies and sunshine in store for today, another hot one in the inland locations but a cooling friend in store. i'll tell you when to expect the cool down coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, of cambrid
francisco, one man is dead after the shuttle bus that he was riding in collided with a big rig. anser hassan reports. >> reporter: traffic is back to normal. but in the morning it wasn't the case at octavia and oak streak. it was closed after a big rig and shuttle bus carrying 15 passengers collided leaving one man dead. this intersection is prone to accidents according to residents but nothing like what they saw this morning. >> this goes on all the time. to be a pedestrian in this area driving is dangerous. >> reporter: or even fatal as was the case this morning. a shuttle bus was carrying employees and possibly patients to san francisco general hospital. it crashed with this big rig carrying cars at octavia and oak street in san francisco's hayes valley. the force was so strong, it causedded a passenger to be ejected. somehow he landed in front of the big rig where he was pinned under the vehicle. the male victim in his 40s was pronounced dead at the scene. >> we do know that the tractor- trailer was going northbound on octavia but we're not sure which direction that the shuttle was going
have a maxie problem. the big problems aren't going away if you cut a mini deal. >> reporter: the treasury department says if congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling by august 2 the federal government won't be able to pay its bills and economists believe that could have a severe effect on the already fragile economy. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >>> a major development in the biggest story in the uk. news corp executive rebecca brooks has resigned in the wake of a massive media scandal. she oversaw "news of the world" the london tabloid that ceased publication after it was accused of hacking into voicemails of celebrities and crime victims. now, one of those crime victims was a 13-year-old girl who was later found murdered. news corp chairman rupert murdoch plans to meet with that girl's family today. >>> the city of oakland will lose dozens more employees. under the new budget, the tribune says 56 city workers are losing their jobs this month and more cuts are coming. the police department will lose 48 positions next year. two firehouses will be closed dai
sticks. today at least 15,000 restaurants are rolling out new healthy menus for kids. big chains are adding vegetables and lean proteins as part of a campaign to target childhood obesity. >>> the clock still ticking on capitol hill. >> the latest on the debt limit debate and how republicans are trying to defuse the talks of a disaster. >>> and where to let fido run free. the battle in one bay area city to give dogs a place to play. >>> and we woke up to cloudy skies this morning but there is sunshine in store especially in the inland locations but still on the cool side. when will we warm up? i'll tell you when, when we come back. >>> closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. neighborhoods in india today, killing 17-people. authorities say its the worst terrorist attack in mumbai s >>> bombings rocked three busy neighborhoods in india today killing 17 people. authorities say it is the worst terrorist attack in mumbai since militants attacked luxury hotels and a train station three years ago. authorities say the clos
will transfor the nasa astronauts to the space station. >>> let's take live look at the big board in new york right now. stocks way up nearly 170 points. apparently news of a major bailout package for greece is really spurring investors today. the country of greece has had a lot of problems recently. but back here at home, disappointing news on the job front. more people filed first-time jobless claims last week, proof that layoffs continue and the job market is still struggling. the labor market says applications increased by 10,000 to 418,000. applications have topped 400,000 for 15 straight weeks now. >>> we are 12 days away from that debt limit deadline. now there are reports that president obama and the house speaker are close to a deal. the "new york times" reports the deal will include major spending cuts. it also propose adjustments to programs like medicare. a package calls for congress to pass a constitutional amendment that requires a balanced budget. >> senators will now have the opportunity to go on record either in support of balancing our books or against it. >> democrats desc
in washington continues to unnerve financial markets around the world. let's take a live look at the big board now. it's way down, 175 points. a lot of people are blaming investors' jitters on the possible government default that's looming. as jay dow reports from capitol hill, the two sides are no closer to break the impasse. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner is reworking his debt limit and deficit reduction plan to add more spending cuts. >> from what i saw in there, i think there's been a pretty good change of heart. >> reporter: the speaker delayed bringing the measure to the house floor when it became clear conservative republicans would not support it. senate majority leader harry reid has his own competing plan. >> the way to resolve this crisis is to ignore the extremists and meet in the middle of the report. >> reporter: the budget off says neither plan has as much savings as advertised. both would cut some spending up front without raising new tax revenue and both would apoint a bipartisan commission to identify future cuts. but the republican plan would allow only a short-term
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surge tonight thanks to a big trade with the new york mets. >> and a one-stop shop for your health. how a universal flu shot is a step closer to reality. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] because you never stop improving your recipe... we never stop improving ours. we've added a touch of philly cream cheese to kraft natural shredded cheese, which adds a touch of creamy to any dish. kraft touch of philly shredded cheese. we're not just making great cheese. we're taking it further. ♪ the deal was finalized just hours ago. the six- ng >>> carlos beltran has waived his no trade kraus and is heading to san francisco. the deal was finalized. he is leaving the mets for a top 2009 draft pick zach wheeler. he is going to philadelphia tonight where the giants are playing. he will be in the line-up tonight. beltran will bat third. hopefully add punch to the giants offense which can use a lifter. >>> lawrence has the forecast. >> summer finally back in the bay area. we are enjoying the weather outside patchy fog at the coastline and a little finger of fog working its way inside the bay w
feet and 80 tons you can't imagine how big the animal is. >> reporter: he says on a recent whale watching trip they spotted 25 blue whales. and another 25 humpbacks. this is some video shot by the oceanic society in previous years. so why the unusual number of sightings? blame the food chain. >> when the temperatures and the currents are correct in the gulf, the krill moves in and whales follow. >> reporter: humpbacks get to 50 tons, blue to 80 tons. even with their size they can be acrobatic. for some, the vision can be life changing. >> to hear about a whale to read about a whale and then to see one, it's an incredible experience. >> reporter: and those blue whales and the humpbacks were all spotted in large numbers along the monterey coast and then we understand they are heading up this way. if you want to check it out, they will probably be here for a few months. so arrange a tour. grace, back to you. >> thank you, elizabeth wenger. >>> hey, students, are you sick of heavy textbooks and the cost? one popular company might have a solution. >> plus another air traffic controlle
francisco. i guess the big question is, what happened here? i know a lot of the evidence was circumstantial. but it just seems so compelling to come up not guilty on all three counts. just jaw dropping. >> reporter: yeah, frank. that's the feeling here amongst everybody. the local folks that have come down here, the people that have traveled here interest all over the country -- here from all over the country to see this everyone is stunned. a very long time ago i covered the o.j. simpson trial and it's the same reaction where we have all been going over the evidence and talking about it amongst ourselves, but this jury never got the chance to do that. they heard all the evidence but they haven't been talking about it and for some reason, in 10 hours, they were able to come to a unanimous decision that not only was it not first- degree murder, but it wasn't even manslaughter it wasn't legally an accident. so they truly believe she had nothing to do with it. whether the defense's theory that her father -- it was an accidental drowning and her father is the one that covered it up, seems to be
and giveaways to big oil companies. >> the stakes are high. today the head of the international monetary fund said that a failure to raise the u.s. borrowing limit in time could damage the global economy. >>> the postal service released a list of nearly 4,000 post offices that could be shut down. they include five in san francisco, two in oakland and one each in daly city, south san francisco and san jose. at each spot there will be efforts to set up services within local businesses nearby. >>> it's all part of a downsizing as more customers use the internet for postal needs. as the number of people advertising by mail continues to go down, has year the agency lost 8 -- last year the agency lost $8 billion. >>> they may be happy and now they are about to get healthier. >> mcdonald's happy meals will get a fruit and veggie makeover. anser hassan is live to explain. >> reporter: good morning. who knew that this little happy meal could cause such a big controversy. mcdonald's hopes that the plan changes that they have for the happy meal will have everyone happy. mcdonald's happy meals are becomi
. >>> the dmv says changes are on the way after it made a big mistake on those disabled parking placards. the department admits it has issued nearly 60,000 parking placards to people who were confirmed dead. the dmv checks state death records every two years. a cross check of the records shows thousands of placards were issued in error because of mismatched birth dates. >>> president obama is meeting with top democrats at this hour to discuss the debt plan from the "gang of six." now that gang is a group of senators from both parties. the bipartisan plan would cut spending, cap it and change the tax code. social security payments would also be affected by a lower inflation adjustment. >> there's just so many things about this plan that are going to make sense. >> i think we now are seeing the potential for a bipartisan consensus. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: but it could be a tough sell in the house. republicans there already pushed through a different proposal. but that plan will fail in the senate. lawmakers are working to solve the debt crisis before the august 2 deadline. >>>
the morning commute. right in the middle of it. the big rig that you see was towing a portable building when it lost control eastbound just before the bay bridge. it backed up traffic for miles. it took just about an hour -- until just about an hour ago to get the lanes cleared and traffic flowing again. >>> legal troubles overwhelm a british tabloid. how the tactics used by the reporters have stopped the presses and led to charges of police corruption. >>> t-minus one day. the final mission of the shuttle program and why this one is a bit different than all that preceded it. >>> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. patchy fog now beginning to break up around the bay area. but we have some much cooler temperatures to come. we'll tell you when coming up. . >>> closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. ,, has the average guy on the street ever lifted a gravy stain from an otherwise pristine wall-to-wall? or granted the christmas dreams of twins whose only wish was the shine of a professionally-cleane
. >> the rufus roo. >> big talk in the newsroom. >> maybe you can wear that this weekend. you will be nice around warm. rufus roo has no sleeves. >> good for the beach, snack in one side, iced tea in the other. >>> it is going to be good beach weather for us once again seeing blue skies outside right now. beautiful weekend in store. beautiful start to your weekend on this friday. a little bit of cloud cover this morning. but not contending with that in those inland spots anymore and the bay has cleared out nicely as well still seeing a mix of sun and clouds at the coast and temperatures there a little cooler than we saw yesterday. now, for tonight, we will actually cool back into the 50s and 60s. similar temperatures to what we saw this morning. we will see mostly clear conditions in those inland spots around the bay a few low clouds and the fog rolls right back in this evening at the coastline. now, this low is dipped down a little bit. the trough a little deeper. that's why we are actually running a few degrees cooler today than we did yesterday. but good news is this high that's been bringing
. big deal. you're delicious. so what. i've got news for you. there's no such thing... a bear sheriff. you think i'm afraid of you? hey what? you don't have to be mean to the cake. i do. you don't. i do. just eat yoplait light. they have great flavors like... boston cream pie, raspberry cheesecake. even though i work here, i've lost weight. wow. yeah. carry on. (announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. southeast texas. tropical storm don has winds of about 50 miles per hour. >>> a tropical storm in the gulf of mexico is moving towards southeast texas. tropical storm don has winds of about 50 miles per hour. it's expected to reach land tonight or early tomorrow morning and rain could bring some reof three the drought stricken area. at least that's they are hoping for. >> here in the bay area not having to worry about rain. no umbrella in sight for today or for this weekend. it's going to be beautiful this afternoon to start your friday. low clouds this morning but looking clear inland as you can see in this shot. around the bay, though, still seeing a few li
. >> reporter: but after a weekend of meetings, republicans and democrats appear to be far apart. the big sticking point is taxes. the president says any agreements must include revenue increases but republicans are fiercely opposed. >> the american people will not accept and the house cannot pass a bill that raises taxes on job creators. >> reporter: if no deal is reached by the august 2 deadline the u.s. may not be able to borrow money to keep the government running and could default on its massive loans. >> if they don't act, then we face catastrophic damage to the american economy. >> reporter: some republicans favor cutting spending by $2 trillion. they accuse the obama administration of scare tactics, claiming the u.s. has the money. it will not default. and there is no reason to panic. tara mergener, for cbs news, the white house. >>> some bargain hunters take it too far. how some stores are changing their policies in order to stop extreme couponners from clearing their shelves. >>> a love child. a looming divorce. now, a lawsuit. and nothing to do with the sex scandal. today's cou
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